MY FELLOW SPONGES – Colour You In / Frozen Duck

Posted: 17 Octubre 2014 in Música / Music, Produccions Audiovisuals / Audiovisual productions
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Come with the Sponges as they take you on a bright and colourful journey, with music that will have you falling over with laughter, floating on waves of sadness, and climbing trees of elation. Their trickster melodies will ensnare you like an old crone merrily luring children into a gingerbread house. Whispers in the forest warn that, once you see a live gig by the Sponges, your life will never be the same.

Some say that the Sponges play every instrument ever known in all of time and space. Some say that their songs contain such simple but powerful observations on the world around us that hearing them regularly enough will make a listener grow immeasurably wise and jolly.

Hailing from Galway in the West of Ireland, the Sponges have played gigs and festivals all over the country, from Knockanstockan to Sunflowerfest to Body & Soul. My Fellow Sponges have worked with numerous artists, directors, actors, and musicians. Collaborating with the artistic community is a Spongy priority.


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